Achievements 2014


>>Renewing the MoU with collage of science, University of Salahaddin (Apr.2014)<<

After years of successful partnership, TU.Bergakademie Freiberg – Geoscience, Geoengineering and mining faculty and University of Salahadden – College of science, renewed the scientific collaboration in terms of Geoscience field. The MoU signed at the vice rector office in TU.Freiberg Prof.Dr.Broder Merkel and the delegation from university of Salahaddin represented by Dean of college of science Prof. Dr. Nadhum Salay ,head of Geology department Prof:Dr.Ahmed Al-Kasim and the scientific coordinator Dr. Mariwan Hamah Saeed.

>>Summer School (21 July - 1st Aug)<<

A summer school is took place in Freiberg - Germany, organized by TU Bergakademie Freiberg and supported by Beak Consultants GmbH. The main topics are: 3D Geological modeling , Geospatial prediction using artificial neural networks and GIS, 3D Groundwater flow modeling coupled to surface water flow, 3D Reactive groundwater modeling. In addition to scientific skills (rules of proper scientific work, literature research, writing a paper, designing a poster, making a good talk), about 10 Iraqi students from different Iraqi universities were attended and obtained a certificate:

>>Capacity building (Jul.29 - Aug.04)<<

6 participants for Capacity Building from University of Salahaldden visited TU.Bergakademie Freiberg – Hydrogeology institute for intensive courses in Geochemistry and Hydrogeology. Where 2 PhD candidates from University of Baghdad are joining Hydrogeological labs under long term research for 6 months working on their PhD. Researches.

>>Scientific Diving Unite / University of Basrah - Marine Science Center<<

The continues collaboration with Basrah university in particular Marine science center led to develop further successful in training the local staff and research projects: Gulf coral reef in Iraqi costal and Sawa lake exploration, however Al-Muthanna university where the region of Sawa lake located has a significant contribution specially for logistics and field equipment needed and showing outstanding support for both TU.Berakademie Freiberg and Basrah university staffs. The following steps have been successfully done during 2014:



Time frame




3 weeks


Gulf expedition +Sawa Lake



3 weeks

July – Aug.

Gulf expedition +Sawa Lake



2 weeks


Gulf expedition +Sawa Lake