Achievements 2011

>>Basrah uni. MSC in cooperation with TU.Freiberg ...Establishing the first Scientific diving centre in Iraq in cooperated with Basrah University - Marine Science Centre, the TU.Freiberg – Hydrogeology institute in particular the Scientific Diving Unite staff represented by Prof.Dr.Broder Merkel ,Dr.Tomas Phol and Sameh Wisam Al-Muqdadi has given the first training to move on the long term plan to build up the first Scientific Diving centre, this contribution will be serve the Iraqi scientist to developed the research within several  scientific more...

>> Step to Establishing the First German - Iraqi Scientific Research cntre (GRI– DAAD Lab.) at Baghdad Uni.

TU Bergakademie Freiberg – Head of Geology faculty establishing the first scientific laboratory at in cooperation with Baghdad University, College of science – Geology Department. The GRI – DAAD lap will be the pioneer lab in Iraq dealing with Geological-Hydrogeological analysis. The scientific equipment’s like (IC-PMS,IC, XRF,XRD,GC,Isotopes analytical detector and much more scientific and sophisticated equipment ) were financed by the German Federal foreigner office via DAAD to develop the first German – Iraqi scientific Research center.

 >> TU Bergakademie Freiberg , faculty of geoscience, geoengineering and mining – departmenet of geology,  delivered the first items from the scientific equipments to Baghdad university, College of  Science – Geology department. The donations have been  part of the  DAAD - GRI project.

>> Freiepresse  -  German newspaper at Freiberg city writting about the Iraqi scientest who visited TU. Bergakademie Freiberg (German article)....more

>> "Der Spiegel" German  newspaper published an artiucle about the Irqi marshes and  about the visit of Prof. Dr. Broder J. Merkel and his staff to Basrah university in southern Iraq. The visit included field trips to the marshes and the gulf ....more