Achievements 2012

(Establishing Scientific Diving Unite – Basrah Uni.)

Establishing the first Scientific Diving Unite at Basrah University by TU.Bergakadieme Freiberg – Chair of Hydrogeology institute (Prof.Dr.Broder Merkel, Dr.Thomas Pohl and Dr.Sameh Al-Muqdadi) , the program started since 2010 and the 3 main steps have been scheduled and successfully accomplished for 2012 as following: Step A. June, Step B. August and Step C. October, further steps are planned for 2013 and 2014.The major goal for this unit will be developing scientific research underwater specifically for the Arabian Gulf area that considered as a virgin area for researches into different fields like Environmental and ecological issues.

(Workshop at Baghdad University, 24 – 27 June)

The workshop has been hosted by the Rector of Baghdad university Prof.Dr.Musa Al-Musawi ,the goal of the workshop is to establish the joint master program for (Water resource management in the arid area) for Iraqi - German student.

(MOU. With Iraqi Ministry of Water Resource)

During Baghdad visit a meeting with the vice president of the Iraqi National Assembly Dr.Qusay Al-Suhail, the delegation discussed the water resource issues that Iraq suffering from.

Visiting the Ministry of water resource (MOWR) and meeting with the Minister Mr. Mohanad Al-Saady and the senior staff, the delegation included Prof.Dr.Broder Merkel and Dr.Sameh Al-Muqdadi from TU.Bergakadieme Freiberg and Dr.Balsam Al-Tawash from Baghdad University where a Memorandum of understanding has signed between TU.Freiberg and MOWR.

(Summer school Salahaddin Uni.- Erbil)

A summer school had successfully taken a place in Salahaddin Uni. / Erbil – Iraq organized by TU Bergakademie Freiberg, supported by Schlumberger Limited. The main topics will be hydrogeological modeling, petroleum geology, and 3D reservoir modeling with PETREL. 30 German and Iraqi participants have been joined in both sessions. The summer school ends with closing ceremony by attended representatives from DAAD, Schlumberger Limited and the Dean of Salahaddin University.